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How to Choose the Right Makeup Brushes

Nov 16, 2017

Who doesn’t want flawless skin, glowing cheeks and eyes that really pop? Here’s a secret every makeup pro knows: Gorgeous makeup is as much about the tools you use as the products you apply. You use them every day, but how much do you think about your makeup brushes? Blush, powder, foundation, contour and highlight, eye shadow… each product should be applied with the appropriate cosmetic brush to create a desired finish. Choosing the correct supplies for eyeshadow application is just as important as knowing how to achieve the perfect makeup look.

Decide if you want natural hair, or synthetic. Some stylists believe natural hair brushes are better for certain applications. Practice makes perfect with natural makeup brushes, as they are extremely durable and actually get better the more you use them. However, synthetic hair technology has improved to the point where many people cannot tell the difference. Synthetic brushes are made up of manmade bristles, usually from nylon or other synthetic fibbers. Unlike natural brushes, synthetic makeup brushes don’t have a cuticle, which makes them great to use with liquid or cream products. So, it is up to your own preference and probably budget to decide whether you want natural hair or synthetic makeup brushes for everyday use. 

Start with the foundation or concealer. The foundation brush varies and depends on what style suit the finish you are after. So if you’re looking for a lighter, sheerer finish, look for a brush that has looser bristles. If you want higher coverage that looks almost airbrushed, look for a densely packed brush. To achieve a flawless foundation base opt for a brush with a blend of natural and synthetic fibres. As concealers are typically liquid formulations, it’s best to use a makeup brush made from synthetic fibres with a medium level of density. When using a concealer brush, you should make sure it is small and stiff. This composition will allow you to add make up exactly where you need it.

Use the Kabuki brush for achieving the perfect sun kissed glow and blending bronzer into your natural skin tone. It comes large in size and is made up of densely packed bristles, which is perfect for blending bronzer into your natural skin tone. As for blush, invest in a medium sized rounded brush with a long handle to apply rosy tint with round strokes on your cheeks. Brushes made up of natural hairs are preferred, although a brush with a natural and synthetic blend of bristles works well, too. By far the most popular of all brushes, the blush brush allows you to enhance your complexion by applying your blush in a precise manner.

Highlighting and contouring can make your face appear flawless instantly. The beauty technique makes your face slimmer, gives it more definition, and creates the illusion of perfect skin. This is why you need to choose the correct brushes. The easiest way to ensure you get a decent contour on your face (and we’re not necessarily talking Kim Kardashian West levels) is to take a precision brush and add some definition. For a natural appearance, make sure that all contour lines are well blended into your foundation. Be careful not to over blend as you still want contrast to be apparent. A highlighter brush is the secret weapon that will help you through those mornings when your skin is less than glowing. Use it to evenly apply a highlighter to your skin, leaving you with a radiant complexion.

It is also important to select a cosmetic brush in size so that, as makeup artists say, it fits into the area where you are going to apply makeup. The small dome shaped brush, or also called the crease brush, is the perfect size to give you control over exactly where your crease line goes. It has a round and tapered shape, ideal for getting right in the crease while softly feathering colour out. With the ability to seamlessly blend a multitude of makeup, this essential brush marvellously buffs out shadows using small, gentle circular motions. The shadow brush with densely packed bristles guides shadows onto your eyelids with ease, distributing eyeshadows evenly. To avoid messy eye makeup, opt for a cosmetic brush with short, densely packed bristles. The large soft hair brush, or also called the fluffy brush, is a must have for any makeup artist! With an ease of application this royal soft brush provides every eye makeup with a super soft finish.