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How To Apply Eye Makeup For Almond Shaped Eyes?

Apr 21, 2018

Starlets like Kim Kardashian and Kareena Kapoor understand the importance of enhancing their eyes through makeup.Closer tohome,Lakme has launched an Iconic eye collection which is divine.Their city stopping white and other eye liner shades make you want to experiment and shine.

Almond eyes are a very versatile and exotic form of eye-type. This eye shape has an almost perfect proportion which allows you experiment with different looks.You have a variety of complementary colour choices to play with. For beginners though, it is best to limit colours to two shades of the same colour, a lighter and a darker one.


Things needed:

  • Primer

  • Concealer

  • Foundation

  • Eye shadow

  • Highlighter

  • Kajal

  • Eye liner

  • Mascara

Step 1:

step one


Here you will start prepping the eye for makeup.The idea is to make a smooth base so that the eye shadows glide on smoothly and doesn’t flake off.Prepping the eye makeup ensures the longevity of the makeup.

  • First start off by priming the eye lid including the brow bone.

  • Next apply concealer evenly on to any fine lines, wrinkles or dark circles.

  • Finish off by evenly blending the foundation on to the eye area.

  • Take care not to pull or stretch the eye area as they are delicate and prone to wrinkles.Use your ring finger to dab on the products

Step 2:

Here we will apply the eyeshadow on to the eyes.

The key is pigmentation.Some eyeshadows are not pigmented enough.Hence you do not get a deep enough shade.Try and smooth on the shadow to achieve the true tone of the eyeshadow.Keep eye makeup remover wipes handy in case of any mishaps.Always remember to wear your contact lenses prior to step 1 of the eye makeup application.Inserting the lens later on can cause it to accumulate debris.

  • For Almond shaped eyes, you can play with 2 shades of a similar colour or 3 shades of a similar colour.

  • To keep things simple, limit your shadow to two colours like Light brown &deep brown, Violet & Purple or Wine & Champagne.

  • Don’t forget the silver highlighter.

  • Blend the lighter colour on the centre of the lid and fade both ways but not extending out of the lid boundary.

step two first


  • Next take the darker version and apply evenly on to the crease.

  • Finish the shadow by making a mini tail a la cleopatra.

step two second


  • Blend both the colours well. Use different applicators for different colours for the best results.

step two third

  • Line with the darker colour below the lower lash line.

step two four


Step 3:

step three


Here we are just going to accentuate the look post application of eye shadow.This finishes the look and gives a professional finish. I haven’t done this myself and so this image. This is what it should look like once it is done.

  • Finish the makeup trick with a white or golden eye shadow at the nose and eye junction and also on the brow bone to highlight the eyes.

Step 4:    

Ah! Kajal! I love kajal and feel that no Indian look is complete without Kajal.

  • Line the lower rim with a white liner for a different look. You may also use a traditional kajal or black liner.

  • Line the upper rim with a black liner moderately.

Step 5:

step five


Highlighting the eyes using Mascara makes them pop. In fact, Mascara is so popular in the western world that they wouldn’t be caught dead without mascara.

  • Use mascara and false lashes if required and curl your lashes with a lash curler. You can also go for dramatic volumizing mascara or hyper curl mascara for your lovely almond eyes.

Voila you’re done!

To keep your peepers in good health here are a few tips

  • Opt for hypoallergenic oil free eye makeup remover or wipes

  • Choose branded and tested eye makeup

  • Purge your makeup drawer .Throw out anything older than a year.

  • Insert contacts prior to starting step 1 of eye makeup