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Get Knowledge About How To Use Makeup Brush

Nov 04, 2017

Nowadays the makeup has touched a whole new different level. It can change the appearance of the people in few minutes. Many of girls are attracted to the makeup, but fail to do it. The reason behind it is that the girls don’t have the proper knowledge about the brushes. There is much type of brushes that are available in the market. Thus the essential part is the knowledge of the brushes.

Types Of Brushes

  • Foundation brush – These brushes are generally used to smooth liquid for steak-free application. It is generally used to pat on under-eye concealer.

  • Beauty blender – This brush have broad sides of sponge to smooth out the product on the face. It is generally used when product is applied more than required.

  • Kabuki brush – This brush is perfect for applying bronzers and powders. It is used to equally distribute product across the body.

  • Powder brush – This brush is long and fluffy, it is used to lose the powder from the face.

  • Angel blush brush – This brush have slanted bristles which make it easy for the user to apply products perfectly on the cheekbones.

  • Concealer brush – It is a small synthetic brush which is used to pinpoint the specific area that need extra coverage. It is used to clean up the messy lipstick edges.

These are the brushes which are mainly used. The proper knowledge of brush is compulsory with that the qualities of brushes are also important. One can get it from JAF Customized Makeup Brush. The combination of both can give you the best result.