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Foundation brush and sponge which the difference between good foundation brush sponge

Jan 13, 2017

Foundation brush professional makeup artist like the makeup tools, makeup sponges is common in everyday life. So, which of the two base makeup tools easy to use it? Take a look below!

Foundation brush and sponge which works

Advantages and disadvantages of Foundation brush
 Advantage: Foundation brush is a good way to create natural looking results. When used in the brush along the skin texture from evenly outward to open. No excessive uptake of Foundation, so it won't waste.
 Disadvantages: not suitable for more skin defects. Due to defective parts need to cover local focus points. While some fiber brush product may result in some people with sensitive skin.

Advantages and disadvantages of sponge

Advantages: easy to use, full face paint, or local point concealer.
 Shortcoming: adsorption of larger, more suitable for use with Foundation cream, Foundation cream. Sponge more easily, making note that the cleaning sponge. Remember they use old replacement sponges in a timely manner.

From the material point of view

Foundation brush for animal hair brush bristles or synthetic hair, wash and durable. Sponge for more detailed texture of the sponge, almost no gap on the surface, very smooth to the touch.

Look from makeup techniques
 Foundation brush is to dip the liquid Foundation makeup brush evenly on the face of the way, sponge was the first Foundation in the face, then gently open the liquid Foundation with a sponge.