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Eye Shadow application based on your eye shape.

Nov 23, 2017


With so many different, gorgeous shapes and sizes of eyes, there's a lot to play with when it comes to applying eye shadow. Applying makeup to eyes isn't a one-size-fits all sort of transaction -- it's about enhancing and accentuating what you got. Here's a general guide on how to apply eye makeup for all the gorgeous peepers out there.

Monolid Eyes 

This eye shape tends to be more cat-like, so a winged eyeliner coupled with lots of mascarawill accentuate the natural shape. Try blending a colored shadow on top of the liner to make it pop.

Downturned Eyes  

Using liner on the top portion of the lid and blending it out to create subtle definition is best, as blending eye shadow above the crease area can make it look messy. You can use a different shadow shade in the crease area to contour, but make sure it's a natural eye shadow tone that adds brightness.

Round  Eyes

I love lining the top and bottom lash lines of round eyes and blending it out with a gorgeous shadow to add a little drama. If you have blue or green eyes, try a bronze liner; brown eyes use a plum or purple liner; and hazel eyes can try a deep green shade.

Almond Eyes  

You can get away with any eye shadow look you want! However, when using more than one shade, be sure to really blend the colors so it looks seamless. Blending is key when applying shadow to the lids, as it's the No.1 technique professional makeup artists swear by!