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Easy Beauty Hacks That will Make Your Life Easier

Nov 17, 2017

Women face different beauty challenges from time to time. Think about all the times when you have had bad hair day with no obvious reason. Or when you sometimes have a great makeup accidentally, but the next time you try to achieve the same thing it just does not work. Well, girls really face challenges when they are trying to look at their best, however, for every obstacle there is a solution. Here are some quite helpful beauty hacks that will definitely make your days better.

#1 Use a card to prevent mascara from smearing on your lids

There are some women who have difficulties applying mascara. They keep accidentally applying some of the mascara on their eyelids, thus ruining their makeup. Or if you are in a hurry and you are applying mascara quite fast, there is a chance to get some of it on your eyelids even if you are proficient.

For any such cases I suggest you use a card when applying the mascara. Or if you do not have a card you do not need, a simple piece of paper could do the job. Just put it on your eyelids when you are applying the mascara and this way, instead of messing your makeup,you will mess up the card.

#2 Use dryer sheets to get rid of frizzy hair

A lot of girls have from time to time frizzy hair, some definitely more often than others. Winter weather is famous with doing this to women’s hair, especially when they are wearing gloves and try to fix their hairstyle – the hair immediately gets frizzy and static. The good thing is that you can get rid of it with this simple trick. Just get a couple of dryer sheets and smooth it over your hair. You can easily get rid of frizzy hair, because dryer sheets make static clothes non-static and will do the same with your hair.

There is another way to get rid of frizzy hair, and it is to embrace it. It does not mean that you should leave it the way it is, but to tie all of it in a messy bun. The good thing is that you will have a lot of volume in your bun due to your frizziness. There will be no chance to create such a bun, if you do not have frizzy hair, so take advantage of it.

#3 Use eraser instead of the back of your earrings

How many times can you remember when you had loose earring backs and they were the reason for you to lose your earrings? It has happened a lot of times to me, so I wondered how to escape from this situation and finally found it – eraser. Instead of using the back of your earrings, hold the earrings with a piece of eraser, it could be in a circle shape to resemble the back of the earrings. The eraser has very thick texture, and the earring will stay put on your ear as much as you allow it to. So, you will have no more lost earrings if you use erasers.

#4 Cover growing out roots with eyeshadow

There are a lot of women out there who dye their hairs. Sure, the colors look great, especially if they suit the person wearing them, but the unpleasant thing about it is that women should do it every once in a while, when they notice their hair is growing out and their real hair color is showing. Here is your solution if you want to cover the roots quickly – just use eyeshadow.

Find an eyeshadow color that is closest to your hair color and apply it in the roots of your hair rubbing it a little. You may use some kind of small brush to distribute it evenly. It is an easy way to do it, but remember that it is only a temporary decision and you should not do it every day.

#5 Make your tight shoes comfortable with a hairdryer

A lot of people nowadays buy clothes and shoes online, but the bad part is that they do not always fit. If it is difficult for you to tailor your clothes to make them fit you, it is not so hard to make tight shoes fit you perfectly. Here is how to do it. Just put on the thickest socks you have. You can even put on a couple of pair of socks, and then put on the shoes you want to make looser. It is going to be hard and uncomfortable, but wait for a couple of minutes and then you will be free. You only need to blow dry your shoes while wearing the thickest socks you have. Because of the heat, they will stretch a little and the next time you wear them you will notice the difference.