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Does the falling nose want to become a high bridge?Learn to make a nose

Aug 24, 2017

Does the falling nose want to become a high bridge?

Learn to make a nose

Which one does not like the high noseThe high nose of the nose will make your face look more three-dimensional and attractive.Many girls are eager to have a high noseBut in real life, not everyone can have a high nose .So how do you turn yourself from a Flat nose into a high bridgeIt's easy, just learn to make a nose.

To change your nose, focus on the roots and the noseUse a nasal brush to paint the two places to enhance the sense of the nose.


And then, in the area  just drewThen slowly spread the shadow powder to the sides.


The last step of the nose is also importantThat is to give a high gloss for your nose.Right in the middle of the bridge of the noseSoften the edges of the shadow with a matte powderBlend the highlights and shadows perfectly.


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