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Do you know what parts composition makeup brush?

Dec 08, 2017

(A) makeup makeup makeup

1. Common three-part combination. That is, the head part, the metal hoop part, the handle part. this is the most basic and most common chombination of style. Is also the most widely used and classic style.

2. The composition of the base brush. (Which is also commonly called mushroom brush. Japan likes to call KABUKI.) That is the head part and the base part. In fact, there is a part of the base tube there is a blank tube, used to carry the head of hair, because the appearance can not see, so we ignored.

3. The composition of the retractable brush. That include cover, bottom cover, hair, upper and lower bottom cover at the four parts. The feathers are not visible from the outside, and the lid is closed.

Other styles, but also from the basic models from the transformation, we believe: will continue to emerge innovative ideas, there will be creative makeup brush design.

(B) makeup brush materials of hair

1.Sciurus vulgaris hair is High-grade hair And its soft creamy. Do not need processing, that is, a natural sense of gloss. Hair of head very fine, and bottom of hair is rough, so the production is too difficult. hair peak is fine and straight.Disadvantages: too soft and lack of flexibility. Usually used as powder brush and shadow brush production.

2.   Squirrel hair. High-grade hair, Lubrication is its characteristic. hair peak is not the best, but the body is the most creamy. Hair root is rough. Also because of this reason, squirrel hair should not be made powder or blush brush without other hair. Shortcomings; because of its hair and body creamy, root is rough , the hair is easy to fall off when worker made brush head, hair root rough is easily lead to the feeling of thin hollow. I believe that experience girls will understand. So, squirrel hair do eye brush or high light brush, a small Contouring Brush is more appropriate, if it use as a large size brush is easy to take shape. (Not absolute, believe that technology will continue to improve)

3. Goat wool. The woolen hair is the most popular and the most invincible kind of wool. Because the wool itself has high, medium and low-grade points, to meet the different groups of makeup brush material requirements. But also due to the thickness of the goat wool root, worker is also easier to deal with. High-grade wool is the best material of large brush , both to meet the softness of the demand, but also to meet the demand for flexibility. A brief introduction to the classification of goat wool.

1) fine light peak wool. The best in the wool, grow in the neck of the sheep, legs;come from medium,little goat hair. hair peak fine and straight, hair body compared to other qualities are more fine, more soft. Price catching Sciurus vulgaris and squirrels. Large fine light peak brush in the face, is the feeling of ice muscle sponge Kazakhstan. Comfortable

2) medium light peak wool. High-grade hair Inferior to the fine light peak, but also grow in the neck of the goat, legs; hair peak is straight and fine, soft and delicate hair. Big hair brush in the face, the same feeling of ice muscle.

3) white spike wool. High-grade hair Grow in the neck of the goat. hair peak straight and fine, wool is also very soft, certainly quanlity and softness are bad compare the above two

4) yellow peak wool. In the eyes of experts,it also is high-grade wool. Many big brands, such as MAC, big brush is only used in this level of wool. But i think it only is classified as mid-range hair. hair peak is straight, but the softness decreased significantly.

5) 2# wool. Good middle lever wool. There are hair peaks. But peaks is uneven, and some bending. The whole brush use has a clear sense of roughness, of course, softness or some. But different angles brush out the effect is not the same. Only hair peak Department can feel soft.

6) 10# wool. second mid-range wool. There are hair peaks, but has been very rough.

7) pairs of wool. The most common wool. Low hair No hair peak. Rough. you can think, no hair peak is the feeling of the bar. This kind of bristles of brushes if bought ,I recommended to Wal-Mart supermarket makeup brush plate to experience. Low-grade cheap brush, bring paper card packaging, you can also sell more than ten dollars. middle country or india will like this hair ,because price is really low,some use for promotional gift.

8) single wool, it is more bad of pair of wool,similar price with pairs of wool,don't recommend purchase and production.

4. horse hair. horse hair also has ordinary, high-grade points. There are long hair, short hair of the points. There is natural and washed the points. Washed horseshoe soft and delicate, more soft than wool. Long and washed horseshoe, the price is equal to the white spike wool even higher than the white tip. So, please abandon the horse hair is bad hair strange thinking it! As the skin of eye is most sensitive, so the eye of the brush on the softness of the first requirements, the second elasticity. Usually used to do the eye brush is: sable hair, squirrel hair, horse hair, nylon hair. Nylon because it is artificial hair,sable and squirrels and squirrel prices are high, horse hair is preferred. Both soft and affordable, cost-effective, and easy to master.

6. Badger hair. Used as an angle eyebrow brush.

7. pahmi hair for angle head eyebrow brush.

8. bristles. Do more oblique eyebrow brush. Also used as eyebrow comb.

9. sable hair. high-grade hair The unit price is 4-5 times the hair of the squirrel. As the sable hair no long hair, so usually used to do eye brush. Softness and flexibility are enough to make up for the squirrel lack. Because of its natural hair peak and elasticity, which is used to do short hair brush when the softness is not enough, on the contrary, because of its top roots were also easy to be misunderstood for the hair "tie" "glare" and so on Is not right .

10. nylon hair. That is commonly referred to as artificial hair, the United States is also called artificial mink hair, environmental protection sable hair. Divided into two categories: ripple and straight silk. Corrugated hair is specially treated by electrochemical, hair was wavy, is scattered rather than poly, mainly used for loose powder and big blush brush. Straight silk is divided into monochromatic silk, two-color and three-color silk. Domestic and imported prices are different. Straight wire gathers well, mainly used for foundation brush and eye brush. Of course, there are some brands using straight silk larger powder, which is characteristic; non-universal.

(C) cosmetic brush materials of ferrule

In fact, the metal hoop part of the selection is also a key factor affecting the price. The same material, brightness, color, are the factors that affect the price.

1. copper. The cost of aluminum for the 10-15 times. Can be plated into a variety of colors. Also divided into ordinary and upscale. Judgment criteria for the thickness, brightness, and electroplating effect.

2. Aluminum. Can be oxidized into various colors. There are also ordinary and high-grade points. Judgment criteria for the thickness of the brightness, brightness, oxidation effect.

(D) makeup brush handle materials:

1.Plastic handle. More common in export orders. One-time open mold costs are higher, but the overall unit cost is lower than the cost of other types of handles. Advantages: no taste.

2. resin handle. One-time open mold costs high. Unit cost is higher than plastic handle. no taste.

3. Acrylic handle. High-grade handle, raw materials expensive, high cost per unit.

4. Wood handle. Wood handle and plastic handle is the most common type of handle, wooden handle more common in the configuration of high-grade brush. Material on the birch; beech; oak; walnut; mahogany; ebony. The most common and most economical is birch, of course, you can also create high-end texture. Ebony strictly speaking, is also a mahogany, a rare wood, the price is high. Walnut, mahogany, ebony are solid wood, are high-grade wood, especially the highest ebony. Wood handle makeup brush can paint into a variety of colors.