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Different types of brushes to use what's the difference?

Jan 13, 2017

Brush because of the different uses and different materials, cleaning frequency is not the same, here to teach you a simple method of judging: the higher the oil content of make-up brush, cleaning more often. Because is easy to attach dirt and grease residues to grow bacteria, making brushes using color more and more dirty and damage to healthy skin, so clean up is hard work.

Methods of different types of brushes to use anything? make explain to you below:

1, flat make-up brush

Flat brushes can also be used as paint, flat make-up brush is popular only a few years, MM of skin can use this powder, this sense of flat make-up brush up on makeup than traditional makeup brush is more thin, because its fur is more sparse. Like face powder, blush cake, high light cake you can use this to brush effect Bang Bang da
 2, angled makeup brush

I generally used to slant-blush, and repair capacity when used. This oblique point of view because it allows more line colors, curved places can also take into consideration. From Temple when it blush to the cheekbones slant brush-Office-MM of high cheekbones with caution.

3, flat Foundation brush (large)

Flat head makeup brushes are the most common and most traditional, where such a good foundation brush is that it can be used to mix some things, for example your acne marks and freckles is very obvious, use when you need a lot of patience, from the central to the meticulous painting on either side of the face, especially the nose and eyes to evenly. Each time you don't dip too much, you can brush out the smoothing powder makeup. Features: wide flat brush density is high, can the thin approach, most martial arts of makeup.

4, flat Foundation brush (small)

This small size flat head Foundation brush, usually used on some fine points, such as eyes, nose. Can also be used to paste on the highlights and shadows. Small makeup brush too slow and easy brush marks = =, but local use as the secondary is good, full face unless you do not hurry slowly.

5, head Foundation brush

Oblique flat Foundation brush, do not need to use skill, less prone to drag marks. If the skin is good girl, you can use the brush on a thin paste of makeup. Girls not recommended skin surface smooth enough. Foundation brush brushes when used with round head and face is vertical, after liquid Foundation with your fingers on the face, slowly push the liquid Foundation in a circular manner, of course, can also be used to brush powder powdered cream.

6, Concealer brush concealer brush is fibre, not animal hair, easy to clean. Brush flat, brush size and index finger or little finger fingernails, specific usage, size, suitable for uneven pigmentation, apply small acne marks. Gradually from the Middle spot printed sideways, push in a small spiral way. Hemp with a flaw no longer have to worry about my face out. Features: flat Brush hardness.