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Commonly used makeup brush what?

Jan 13, 2017

Commonly used makeup brush what? Small series of analyses for you below:
1. blush brush: tapered and curved brush head can effectively prevent makeup is not uniform and the emergence of stripes or spots, color blush for it.
2. Paint: after apply liquid Foundation, you can use the round head, large painted sweep the powder evenly on the surface; can also be used after printing of powder puff, and excess powder is swept with paint, large round painted with powder evenly over the entire face. Soft, fluffy brush makeup.
3. facial contour brush: beveled brush head is particularly suitable for the face create the stereo effect, using oblique brush from the temple to cheekbone.
4. the eyebrow brush: hard mane finish and beveled brush head design makes it quick and easy to thrush. For after the depicted eyebrow, eyebrow painted a uniform, natural.
5. the eyeliner brushes: thin wide and solid along the eyelash brush head allows you to draw delicate lines.
6. the concealer brush: brush with moderate softness, even more difficult to reach areas such as around the eyes and nose, can also be easy on the makeup.
7. eye shadow brush: slightly sharp narrow brush head type is suitable for the eyelid up to the root of the eyelash makeup.
8. the lip brush flat side of lip gloss can be naturally pinkish; tapering end easy to write off the plump lips.
9. the Foundation brush: main use is to brush Foundation. Many professional makeup master is to use a foundation brush at the Foundation. It is because the Foundation brush out of the Foundation would be more transparent, less weight. Modifying small Foundation or you can use a smaller branch of the Foundation