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Brushes vs. Sponges?

Dec 25, 2017

Sponges are a pretty big deal right now, just in case you hadn’t noticed ?

With the rise, and rise, and rise of beauty influencers and tutorials via social media, our knowledge of how to use makeup brushes has also grown (hello contoured cheekbones). No longer do we use our fingers or think one brush will do it all. You could say we’ve become a little makeup brush obsessed! No? Did you know that in a survey of women who use makeup daily, the average number of brushes used was nine! Yep, obsessed!

As our knowledge of makeup brushes grew, makeup sponges really did take a back seat…for a while at least; or until the Sponge from Real Techniques hit the market. With its unique shape designed to create a flawless base makeup, and premium material that worked to apply and blend with maximum makeup payoff, we were all educated on the benefits of the sponge.

Which leaves us, the beauty community, with the debate - brush vs. sponge?

We decided to take a quick look at some of our favourite brushes and sponges to help you decide which side you’ll take:

• Classic Foundation – This brush is your standard makeup brush with a little drizzle of exciting. This brush is easy to use when applying liquid and cream foundations to your face and creates a smooth and flawless finish. The benefit of this brush is that it is beautifully soft, 100% vegan and is the best tool for ease of use. It is great for amateur makeup fanatics who are just starting out.
• Sponge – This sponge is the up and comer in the base application world. This sponge can be used to blend large areas of the face with repeated dabbing or bouncing action and can be also used to contour around the eyes and nose. Although for some it can be a bit of a tougher concept to grasp, we know we had trouble when first getting the hang of sponges. The benefit of this sponge is that it can be used damp to create a dewy look, or dry for a fuller coverage finish.
• Perfecting Blender Duo – The new kid on the block, this sponge pack comes with two different sized sponges. The Large Base Blender is soft and flexible to create light, buildable coverage whilst the Mini Detail Blender is firmer and used for more precise coverage. This duo is best for creating a very detailed and defined look. It requires a little bit more commitment than your classic foundation makeup brush would but can be used wet or dry depending on the look you’re going for. The best part about this blender duo is that it’s 100% vegan, made from 71% plant-based materials.

• Sculpting Brush – Contouring can be tricky to master but this sculpting brush makes it easy. The brush can be used with both cream or powder bronzers and is used in a sweeping motion to define and enhance cheekbones. The wide angled head is specifically designed to help create defined contours and amplify your best features. The best part about this brush is that it pretty much does all the hard work for you! Who doesn’t love a minimal effort product?
• Sponge – This is the sponge equivalent of your sculpting brush. This sponge has many different application features and can easily become your favourite product. The larger side is used for controlled contouring whilst the smaller sided is used for precision highlighting. If you’re after a product that can satisfy all your contouring needs this is it. It is like two products in one really!

• Powder – This brush is designed with full, lightweight bristles to deliver a light dusting of product for a fresh, natural look. Don’t worry about getting a caked on look. It will simply leave you with sheer coverage to help create a matte setting for your foundation and lock in the colour all day long.
• Setting Brush – This brush is smaller than your average powder brush in order to create a controlled dusting of powder or highlighters. This brush creates a pixel-perfect look even in harsh light, which is a massive bonus if we’ve ever heard one. We’ve all been scarred by a camera flash at least once in our lives.
• Sponge - New to the line-up this sponge offers the best of both worlds. We love the orange end to finish our base with a powder to set it, and the pink end for application of blush or highlighter. Two-in-one is always a good thing. 

And the winner is? Are brushes or sponges your pick? If we had to pick it we would take them all, obviously! Mix it up, experiment with the different finishes and techniques both tools provide and we’re pretty sure you’ll soon be using brushes and sponges side-by-side.

Stay beautiful!