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Brushes class uses knowledge point

Jan 13, 2017

Brushes class knowledge, don't understand it doesn't matter then come to you by ya-Xiang Li factories announced.

A looking glass, eyeliner, eye liner brush in eye level, look to the bottom of and eyeliner. Shade eyeliner is not easy because the eyelashes a shape, then rub in the eyelash root a 1.1-point eye liner.

Second, makeup brushes Foundation brush on the liquid Foundation, foundations may be more substantial and can better hide pores, but cover is not very good, Foundation brush can then be used in conjunction with a powder puff, cheeks puff on the flaw more of liquid Foundation to cover blemishes very well. Don't want to leave brush marks, brushing along the skin texture, and hair growth, then bent into a 15-degree angle the brush brushing just won't leave traces.

Before the three blush, blush brush blush and blush 2 ways. Blush is the smile muscle parts before painting blush, blush is from cheekbone two sided brush to the cheekbone central to enhance the silhouette, and create a sense of elegance, it is more suitable for mature women. Make-up work early can use a light blush brush, trim off a too-heavy parts, but the correction strength control when, without damaging the foundations.

Four,. oblique brush repair capacity capacity generally started out of the corner, through the nose to nose, and repeated brushing the Alar part several times. When the modified flat nose, not blindly on the nose side shade, not only fail to improve the effect of nose, also make makeup unnatural. Repair capacity must be based on a round face, wide nose small face, to turn t-zone to improve facial icing. Think long nose was too long on the nose side shade, the Visual effect of shortening the nose. If in the first corner brush repair capacity powder, will make eyes more profound.