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Brush Up Your Makeup Brushes IQ

Nov 13, 2017

If you are satisfied with the makeup brushes that come with your off-the shelf cosmetics, you have not tried a quality cosmetic brush. Once you use one, you will never go back to the stock brush that come with your beauty products. You can get professional makeup brushes, but the choices are often confusing. You will see offers featuring natural bristles as well as synthetics. In addition to the type of materials used, different shapes are used for different applications. Learn about the different types of makeup brushes available so that you can decide which type is right for you.

When considering make up brushes, think like an artist. Artists know that a quality paintbrush makes a major difference. Instead of applying paint to a canvas, you are applying makeup to your face. Makeup brushes, like paintbrushes, come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and offer bristles of varying softness. Each brush has its specific purpose. Artists use a specific type of paintbrush for watercolors and a completely different brush for oil paints. The same holds true for your face.

Types of Makeup Brushes
Natural hair brushes are graded for quality measuring length, cut, and fineness. Among the highest quality powder brushes are those made from badger hair. Sable hair is a fine, silky natural hair used in smaller makeup brushes. Squirrel hair is a fine – but expensive – natural hair used in many cosmetic brushes. It is sometimes mixed with other types of less expensive hairs to make the brushes more affordable. Handmade brushed made out of goat hair are also desirable.

Not everyone appreciates using animal based products including makeup brushes made from natural animal hair. Synthetic bristled brushes are also available with many of them offering the same silky feeling of their natural counterparts.

If you use mineral based makeup, you will want a special brush designed just for the task. Mineral makeup uses natural minerals instead of filler materials and colors giving you lightweight, natural coverage. It comes in liquid, powder, and cream versions. For powered mineral makeup, look for a large, fluffy brush designed to evenly distribute the minerals.

Eyeliner brushes are small and thin. Look for eyeliner brushes with thin bristles and a thick handle for greater control. Sable is a popular hair for applying liquid eyeliner.

Eye shadow brushes come in several sizes in the small to medium range.

Concealer brushes are similar in size to eye shadow brushes and often come with a sponge tip rather than hair bristles. The sponge brushes are useful for stick-style concealers. Swipe the brush across the concealer and work it in before applying it to your trouble spots. Smaller brushes are good for applying liquid concealers.

Powder brushes, or kabuki brushes, are big and fluffy and ideal for face powders and mineral-based powders.

Foundation, bronzers, and blush brushes are thick with flat tops and long bristles. Use these brushes to apply liquid or powder makeup and give yourself an “air brushed” effect. You can also use them to blend makeup and create a contour. Use a different brush for each type of makeup so that you will not accidentally mix the colors.