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Basic Makeup Knowledge Every Girl Must Have

Nov 16, 2017

The very basic makeup rules every beginner should know are three:

  1. Learn how to contour and highlighting your face;

  2. Learn how to shape your brows;

  3. Learn how to put faux lashes.

All these very basic skills will help you in the future, when you will feel the desire to apply something more complicated with your look, something different than a simple eyeliner design. Let’s discuss those three basic techniques:

The Contour and Highlight Technique

Usually, this is not a difficult technique, but it has some details that mustn’t be neglected. For instance, you must learn where to apply the dark foundation and where to apply the light foundation, or the so called – highlighter. Usually they go this way: the darker foundation must be applied to the perimeter of the face and the lighter foundation must be applied to the areas that catch the light, such as the T-zone and the areas under the eyes.

Shaping the Eyebrows

This is another required skill. You must learn how to shape your brows and then, how to fill them with color. First, you must know how to define the right shape for you. And this could happen if you know how to define the shape with this easy trick: Take a long and thin object, for example a pencil; place it alongside the nose. Where the pencil crosses the brow – that’s the place for the beginning of the eyebrow. Then, tilt the pencil to the center of the eye – that’s the place for the arch. And when you tilt the pencil one more time, through the outer corner of the eye, you will see where the brow should end. That’s it.

And one last tip – learn how to apply your faux lashes. The most important tip is to apply the glue on the lash when it is turned upside down, so the glue won’t melt down to the hairs of the lash.


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