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A Handy Guide on Makeup Brushes and Their Uses

Nov 14, 2017

The next time you apply makeup, pause and think if you are using the right kind of brush. The market is awash with countless makeup brands selling an endless range of makeup brushes to complement their products. Although top quality cosmetic brushes are costly, the finish they provide is simply priceless, provided you use a high quality cosmetic brush cleaner after every use. If money is just a number, you can buy all the cosmetic brushes from your favorite brand, else you can always mix and match to get the best of them. If, however, you can’t tell a concealer from a blusher, first you need brush up your knowledge about the options available with the help of this handy guide on makeup brushes and their uses. Read on!

Angled Eyeliner Brush

Use angled eyeliner brush to fill up your eyebrows. Dip, this sleek brush with angled lashes, in to cream or gel liner and drag from inside corner of your eye along the lash line. You can also use it to define sparse brows with brow powder.

Angled Blush Brush

Use this long, round and tapered brush to apply makeup on your cheekbones and nearby areas. Starting with the apple on your cheek, use this brush to apply contour powder below your cheekbones. Remember to use contour powder that is two shades darker than your skin tone to highlight your natural contours.

Blending Brush

Use a blending brush to soften any harsh lines that may appear after applying eyeshadow. You can also use this small brush with round, soft and dense bristles to achieve flawlessly blended eye makeup. The secret to the perfect eyeshadow look is to blend well with your blending brush.

Powder Brush

Soft, full and rounded, you can use this brush both as a powder and a bronzer. Sweep the brush all over your face, from the temple to cheekbones, after applying foundation to remove some loose compact powder and get a refreshing look. Use it to apply blush on your cheeks.

Eyeshadow Brush

Use this flat brush with thin bristles to apply eyeshadows and eyeshadow primers. Its soft bristles help you to apply smoothly without dragging the eyelids. In addition, you can use it under the lower lash line for a smokier eye.

Brow Brush

Use a brow brush to gently comb messy brows and separate lashes and excess mascara. A brow brush has a comb and a smooth brush facing opposite sides. Use the comb and brush alternatively to de-clump unruly lashes and bring them in a straight line.

Fan Brush

A fan brush is the most recognizable of all make up brushes, due to its unique look. The bristles in the brush are specially designed for highlighters. Sweep this brush over your face to clean up any remaining excess makeup on your face. You can also dip its end in mascara and paint your lashes for a no-makeup look.

Concealer Brush

Concealer or camouflage brush is a round-edged flat brush with soft bristles. Use it to apply concealer under the eyes to camouflage broken capillaries and blemishes. Remember, while using a concealer brush never move it in a circular motion. Always move it in a single line. If you have any messy lipstick edges, this is the brush that comes in handy to clean them up.

Foundation Brush

Use a foundation brush to apply liquid foundation on your face and sweep outward towards the hairline to get that airbrushed finish. Dip the brush first in warm water and squeeze it firmly with a dry towel to remove the excess water. This way you get an even distribution of the bristles. Remember to purchase the best quality foundation brush to get the most natural look.

Smudge Brush

Use the foam tip of smudge brush to soften eyeliner and get a sultry and smokey look. Target areas around the eye such as the brow bones and the inner and outer liners to get a natural look. You can also use it in the areas around the hairline to get a smooth finish.

Lip Brush

Even if you own premium lipsticks, a lip brush can come in handy. This is particularly true for those who have thin lips, as applying lipstick with the help of a lip brush reduces the chances of smudging. You can also use the sculpted tip of a lip brush to draw the flawless outer line of the lips.

Mascara Brush

A spoolie or mascara brush is your best friend when it comes to brushing and shaping brows. Use it to shape your lashes and get a specific look such as lengthening, volumizing, curling and defining.

Don’t Forget Cleaning!

Now that you know the most commonly used makeup brushes and their uses, you need to know how to clean them after use, as a dirty makeup brush is a breeding ground for germs. Of course, you wouldn’t want your high quality makeup brush to become the gateway to a host of skin diseases and allergies.