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Nov 21, 2017

Let alone HIGH DEFINITION cameras! Oh I really miss the days of the old, LOW definition cameras. lol. High-def cameras are great for watching sporting events, etc…but not when you’re 50 + 1 and fearing that dreaded CLOSE-UP. :-)

But I digress. The reason I mentioned this is that through my “obsessing” I have developed a “camera-ready” protocol, if you will, that I thought as long as I was thinking about it (OK, OK…OBSESSING about it!) I would share it with you. :-)

Whether you’re going to be in front of a TV camera or a just a camera phone, here are my 5 steps for a “camera-ready” face:

wash face


Now I’m going to get artsy fartsy on you…and I want you to think of your face as a blank canvas. Still with me? :-) Before you apply makeup, you want your “canvas” to be clean and smooth so the makeup adheres better. First, wash your face, and, if necessary, do a facial scrub treatment. This will help your makeup to go on evenly.

moisturize 2


Make sure to moisturize too and then allow to dry for several minutes. I am not terribly picky about the moisturizer I use, I usually just stick to coconut oil with a littleFrankincense essential oil mixed in…but when I’m “obsessing”, I will use Oil of Olay Regenerist at the suggestion of my sister-in-law Nancy because she said her dermatologist recommended it. It’s a nice, light base for the make up to go on top of.

I don’t worry about sunscreen in my moisturizer because I use a beauty balm with SPF 35. Speaking of beauty balm……


Now it’s time to apply your “beauty balm”. What exactly IS beauty balm you ask? It’s ok, I didn’t know either when the nice JAF Cosmetics lady who was doing my makeup in the middle of the department store told me. Basically, beauty balm is an all-in-one facial cosmetic that combines the functions of other skin-care and makeup such as primer, anti-aging serum, moisturizer, foundation, sunblock, etc.

If you are going to use beauty balm (or any liquid make up), I strongly suggest applying it with a foundation brush. For most of my life I have just used my fingers, but for the last few years I’ve been using a brush and like the results much better!

  • Pour a small amount of beauty balm onto the back of your hand and pick some of the product up with the brush and start applying the makeup in the center of your face and blend outwards.

  • Use broad strokes to sweep and blend the makeup onto the nose, forehead, cheeks and chin.

  • Check for tiny makeup lines that are left behind after the foundation has set. Use the clean end of the foundation brush and lightly blend these areas with small, circular motions.


After your beauty balm, it’s time to add concealer to any problem areas. (Not that any of us have any of those!) A small foundation brush, concealer brush or even an eye shadow brush make the ideal brushes for applying concealer. When applying concealer, always dab on and then blend, blend, blend!


For awhile I tried the beauty balm and then a liquid foundation make up on top of that. But I just didn’t feel like I got enough coverage….especially for on-camera. So I tried mineral make up and and ever since I did, I’ve been hooked. The combination of the beauty balm as a base with the mineral make up as the “coating” is (for me) perfect!

I use Bare Minerals but there are lots of different brands to choose from out there. Pick a shade that most closely matches your skin tone and then like the nice lady in the videos on the Bare Escentuals website says…..swirl, tap, and buff! Be sure to blend up into the hairline and around all edges of your face.

Now add a little contouring, some blush, some eye make up and lipstick and you’re ready!