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5 Reasons to Be a Fan of the Fan Brush

Sep 09, 2017

5 Reasons to Be a Fan of the Fan Brush


The first time you see a fan brush, you'll instantly know why it's called this. It's a thin flat brush with the spread out in a semi-circle, like a hand-held paper fan.


A fan brush is one of the most practical makeup tool essentials around. It's often used to apply a setting powder for a soft-focus, weightless kind of finish, but that's not the only reason this multitasking makeup brush is so great. See five other reasons you might want to become a fan of the fan brush, just keep reading.

1Mistake eraser:

By design, a fan brush fans away product. So if your powdered makeup products (especially eye shadow) are leaving flecks behind, a light swipe of the fan brush can easily wipe away the excess.


If you want just a sheer touch of blush or bronzer on your cheeks — or you tend to have a heavy hand when it comes to makeup — a fan brush will enable you to create a softer look. In turn, use the brush's flat shape to assist in contouring where needed.

3Powder foundation:

Get a more precise powder foundation application when using a fan brush.

4Diffuser of color:

Break out that fan brush to blend out harsh lines or to create new shades with your powder cosmetics. Tip: use it with darker shades to tone them down or with a highlighter to provide a luminous effect.

5Skin care applier:

Make a mask or peel go on all the more smoothly with a fan brush. Better yet, you'll get nice coverage without using a lot of product.

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