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5 Perfect Eyebrow Shapes For Diamond Shaped Face

Apr 20, 2018

Diamond-shaped faces are wider and fuller. Therefore, the need to have the correct eyebrow shape is essential. After all, who would want an extra wide face? Larger, wider and squarer, all have their own sets of benefits and drawbacks. While there are many pluses of having a diamond-shaped face, the extra width still remains the major problem associated with this face cut. You certainly can’t do much about the extra width. But you can certainly find correct eyebrow shapes to make it appear less wide.

Some of the Bollywood and Hollywood divas are blessed with a diamond face cut. They still look stunning and have a huge fan following from all over the world. So, what’s so different that they do and you don’t? What is the one striking feature of those celebs that makes them prettier and more charming? Maybe, it is their eyebrows. Did you ever notice that your diamond-shaped face is marked with many angles? Even if you did not, you still need to know that these angles should be made less evident in order to flaunt a sharper look.

1. Sharp Arcs:

Have you heard the saying – poison kills poison? Maybe, this is the right time to prove it. The best way to decrease the appearance of your sharp facial angles is to sharpen the arcs of your eyebrows. A highly arched eyebrow look draws all the attention from your otherwise sharp facial extremes. This arched contouring is the best way to get a softer look. It gives an instant impression of reduced face width. Thus, always say ‘yes’ to a sharp arc eyebrow pattern if you have a diamond-shaped face cut. Hence, this is the best eyebrow shape for diamond face.

2. Go Fuller:

It is best to grow your eyebrows full and dark, if you want to divert the attention from your wide face to something else. Growing the eyebrows fuller is a better option for a diamond-shaped face, as fuller eyebrows are thicker. Thicker and perfectly arched eyebrows strike a perfect harmony between the widest part of your face and your jaw line. Opting this eyebrow shape for diamond face makes your face appear less wide.

3. Rounded Brows:

Rounded brows, which are also considered good grooming options for heart-shaped faces, are perfect for diamond-shaped faces. The rounded appearance of eyebrows is a high impact way of creating a perfect balance between one’s wide cheeks and forehead. This subtle eyebrow shape that focuses on making the arcs towards the middle is a suitable option for women with a diamond-shaped face. It magically gives a curved appearance (with soft arcs towards the middle) which reduces the impact of an otherwise angled diamond face.

4. Longer And Medium Eyebrow Pattern:

A woman with a diamond-shaped face can also look stunning with longer eyebrows. However, the one precaution that follows this tip is – longer eyebrows should not be very thick. They should be medium instead of being fuller. It keeps you safe from the drawback of looking bushy and probably a little plump too. Fuller eyebrows which are too long can actually make your diamond-shaped face appear plump.

5. Shorter And Fuller Brow Pattern:

If you like flaunting a fuller brow size, which is in vogue this season, you should stick to a shorter length. It creates the correct impact and the face looks perfectly maintained – neither wide nor short. You might not agree to the idea of eyebrow length justifying the width of your face, but this is an underrated fact. Thus, remember to make your eyebrows thicker and fuller if you want to keep your brow length short.