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4 Best Brushes For Highlighting And Contouring

Mar 22, 2017

In order to make a overal effect,  highlighting and contouring is quiet important.

Today, I recommend  found four brushes that will help you  blending contour and highlight a snap.

Recommend1: JAF 18SKE  Flat top contouring brush JAF

Flat Top contourting brush JAF

The synthetic bristles are super soft and dense; they buff out the contour along my forehead, chin, and cheekbones with minimal effort. 

Recommend 2:JAF 08SSYA Small Flat Angled Contour brush JAF

Small Flat Angled Contour brush

The bristles on this brush are super soft. This brush is best for contouring smaller areas like  along the sides of  nose because it's small enough to hit proper areas without muddying up your look.

Recommend3 :JAF 08SKYG  Pointed Contour Brush

JAF Pointed Contour Brush

This brush is good for setting your under-eye concealer as well as dusting on a powdered highlighter on the high points of  cheekbones and just above the Cupid's bow

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