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21 Foundation Hacks Every Woman Needs to Know- Part one

Mar 05, 2018

1. Apply your base makeup in this order: color correctors, foundation, concealer. If you're getting fine lines just sitting there trying to figure out the order in which to apply your base makeup, here's a little tip I've heard from every makeup artist I've ever interviewed: First, apply color correctors where needed, then your foundation all over (this helps take away most of the redness from an uneven complexion and breakouts), followed by concealer so it acts as just a finishing touch rather than doing all the covering up.

2. If you deal with dark circles on a daily basis, double up on concealer coverage. If you don't tend to need any other color correcting but need some extra help in the dark under-eye department, pat some concealer under your eyes before applying your base makeup. If you need additional coverage after your base makeup is applied, then apply as necessary. Here, Brooke used a yellow-based concealer, since she has an olive skin tone. Not sure which color-correcting base cover-up you should use? Refer to the chart above.

3. Use primer on your T-zone to keep oily skin matte and to prevent your foundation from breaking down. If your skin tends to get oily around 2 p.m., like mine does, then this tip is for you.

4. Choose the right foundation consistency for your desired finish. There are three general types of coverage: sheer, medium, and full. If you just want a lightweight veil of foundation,  If you want some coverage because you have redness or a few blemishes, then medium is your best bet.  And if you want to wear a full face of makeup, then an opaque coverage is what you should use. 

5. Figure out your perfect foundation shade with the three-swipe test. If you're between a few shades, swipe them all along your cheek/jawline to see which one melds perfectly into your skin tone. Voilà, you just found the right foundation shade for you.

6. When applying foundation, start from the center of your face and work outward. This leaves you with the most natural finish, like Maya's, and prevents mask-like edges of foundation to be visible around the perimeter of your face.

7. Blend foundation seamlessly over your ears and neck. Imagine seeing yourself in a picture with a flawlessly even face, but your ears look a touch red and your neck is a slightly different color. This tip prevents all of that. One last note: If you're wearing a low-cut top, pat the formula over your chest too, so there aren't any weird lines of demarcation there either.