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2 Perfect Eyebrow Shape Ideas For Oval Face Shapes

Apr 14, 2018

You can never look glamorous without a pair of well shaped eyebrows. Brows make your face look sexier, young and beautiful. If your brows aren’t in shape, you might end up looking dull or worried. So, eyebrows can either make or break your look.

The shape of the eyebrow depends on the shape of your face. Generally there are 6 types of faces, such as oval, long, heart, round, square and diamond. There are 5 types of beautiful eyebrow shapes to try, and they are rounded, flat, soft angled and hard angled.

Identify Your Face Shape:

How do you decide on the eyebrow shape that will work with your face? Follow these simple steps and you’ll be all ready for those perfect eyebrows.

  • Round: Face is widest at your cheeks.

  • Oval: Forehead is wider than your chin. Protruding cheekbones and narrow oval chin.

  • Long: Long face shape has the same width for cheekbones, forehead and jaw line. Just like oval face shape, long face has a narrow oval chin too.

  • Square: Faces that have the same width for cheekbones, jaw line and forehead. The face has a square jaw line, which is a striking feature of this shape.

  • Heart: Similar to oval face shape, but chin ends to a point in heart face shape.

  • Diamond: People with this kind of a face have angular features with the face being wider at the temple. The forehead is also short.

  • 1. Soft Angled Eyebrow Shape:

  • The soft angled shape is defined, but kept rounded. They have angles which are not sharp, but have soft curves. The brow peaks are soft and subtle. The shape comes in low, medium and high arches. They can be made ultra thin, thin, medium or thick. For day time looks you can go for thin and lower arches. For a dramatic look you can go about with thick, high soft angled brow shapes. Soft angled shapes with small arches are preferred; since they make brows look more feminine. When the arches are high it makes you look younger. Those with strong cheekbones can go with thick brows to complement the face structure. Those with small eyes can have low arches and those with big eyes should have high eyebrows. However, care should be taken that you don’t angle your brows sharply or highly.

  • How To Achieve?

  • Soft angled shape makes the brow look delicate and soft. It is easy to create soft angled eyebrow shape. The shape goes straight and then softly curves round at the top and down of the eyebrows. Use a lighter shade of brow pencil to get the shape. But you can alternatively use a brush. The brush makes the sharp edges soft and makes the brow look soft and natural. This shape tends to make you look tall, if you have an oval face shape. You can pretty well try the eyebrow stencils, which are available online.

2. High Arches:

World famous celebrity Megan Fox has one of the best eyebrow shapes. She usually prefers having thick, high arch brows, which makes her oval shaped face sexier. High arches help to open up your face. This eyebrow shape works perfect for those with oval shape. This shape can be tried on full and thick brows too.

How To Achieve?

Use your eyebrow liner or a brow pencil. The liner or the pencil must be of the color of your brows to offer a natural look. To create a high arch, find the natural height of your arch. Then with small strokes, draw a line from bottom inner and the outer brow to the top of the arch. This will create a high arch. Then shade your eyebrows with a brown eye shadow using an angle brush. This makes your brow look natural. Use your concealer to make your shading look clean. Finally, use a flat brush to clean any eye shadow fallout on the top and bottom of your eyebrows.