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15 Must Know Beauty Hacks

Jan 18, 2018

Memorise these fifteen game-changing tips and shortcuts to make your beauty routine just that little bit easier.


1. Winged liner doesn’t have to be a fluke! Place a piece of sticky tape next to the eye to guide your wing placement and then peel off the tape to reveal a perfect line.


2. No need to cry over a broken compact! Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol on the shattered powder to make the formula sponge-like. Then, use a spatula to smooth the powder back into the compact and leave it to dry and re-set.


3. Oopsies, the foundation you bought is a little too dark. Lighten up the colour simply by mixing it with a moisturiser.


4. Time for some make-up magic! Take a regular eye liner pencil, hold the tip under a flame for a second and then let it cool for 15 seconds. Voila, the pencil is now a gel liner!


5. Make curled lashes stay put for longer by adding heat to the equation. Blast your lash curler with a hair dryer and while it’s warm (not scalding!) clamp it onto your lashes.


6. Curling every section of hair just isn’t time effective. Take a shortcut by securing hair into a ponytail and sectioning the tail into two parts. Curl both parts, shake out the pony and you’re left with natural-looking waves.


7. Yes, you can transform your favourite loose pigment shadow into a lip colour! Blend the shadow with a dollop of clear balm and you’ve got a custom shade.


8. Reduce frizz by swapping your towel for a cotton t-shirt when drying your hair. Terry towel absorbs a lot of moisture, which can leave the hair frizzy. Meanwhile cotton will only remove excess water from the hair.


9. Mascara looking a little flaky? Revive the formula with a couple of saline solution drops. (But remember, mascaras older than three months should be tossed as they can contain bacteria.)


10. A hair bun that stays tight sounds like a pipedream. Make it a reality by creating the bun with two side-by-side pony tails – just wrap the tail ends around each other and secure with pins.


11. Going to all the effort of painting your nails only to smudge them is the pits. Speed up the drying process by soaking your painted nails in a bowl of icy water.


12. Want to get the very last drop out of your favourite beauty tube? Cut the top off and use a spoon to scrape out the product. You can seal it back up afterwards with a bulldog clip.


13. Don’t panic if a couple of stray mascara dots land around the eyes. Wait for the mascara to completely dry and then use a cotton tip in a flicking motion to remove the offending marks.


14. No need to buy a glitter eye liner just for one night out. Make your own by running fake eyelash glue along the top lash line and then press loose glitter on top.


15. Dry shampoo just ran out? Head for the kitchen! Corn starch, corn meal or baking soda will also get the job done – just be sure to brush the hair thoroughly to remove any excess.