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10 years old when you're done with makeup, you won't get blush!

Aug 22, 2017

10 years old when you're done with makeup

you won't get blush

Recently, little J has been studying the blusher, so I'm going to give you a tutorial on blush today.

There are many kinds of blush painting, scientifically speaking, you must decide the position of blush before painting the blush. Although each person's face is not exactly the same, but can decide how to turn the blush according to the rough face shape. So, here's how to make a blush based on your face shape.


Oval faceType of overhead kick  Painting

                 image.png              12GKY-B_M.jpg

*Draw down from the top of your cheekbone (near the temple) and then circle the apple muscle

round face45 ° Angle of painting up


                    image.png                       12GKYA-B_M.jpg

*Fleshy meat round face generally give a person a kind of sweet cute feeling, if you don't want to face too round, can be in about 45 ° Angle positionApply the blush brush to the area of the apple muscle toward the temple.

Long facelevel of Painting

                 image.png        18SSY-B_M.jpg18SSY-B_M.jpg                18SSYM-B_M.jpg

*To make the long face look softerwhile you're Brush your cheeks with a flat brushThis can increase the width of the face, thus modifying the long face to make the whole look more natural and comfortable

square faceSideways to up painting

                 image.png                12SSYA-B_M.jpg

*The cheek of square face is big, to modify the angular of the face, the blush can be on both sides of the cheek to draw upward

diamond facecheekbones Top up painting


                 image.png                      18SSY-B_M.jpg

*A diamond face usually means a thin face with no meat on the cheekThe cheekbones are obviousSo the blush can be painted from the cheekbones to modify the face shape

Today's blush tutorial is here first, and it is my motivation to help you. Thank you for

your browsing. Anyone who wants to know anything about makeup can ask me~~~^^♥

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